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I develop sites keeping speed and quality of code in mind. I have been working on international WordPress projects since the age of 16 and have served both startups and a couple of large companies. (View Clients).

In terms of speed, I use as little code as possible and implement caching at the core level. If you are interested in how my sites load as fast as a site could possibly load, I would be publishing a case study by December 2015 on how I code for speed. Do check back! In terms of code quality, my code is 100% valid markup and future proof.

I hope to hear about your new project soon.

Warm Regards,

Victor Fernandes

Victor Fernandes

WordPress Developer

If you are interested in reading more about my projects, clients and the programming languages I use, please visit my about page by clicking my picture or my name.

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And here’s what clients say..

"Victor was fantastic from beginning to end. I will recommend him to anyone I know who needs help with their website."

− Kevin Bileski (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)

"Victor was extremely valuable to the success of the project and is on my 'Definitely Hire Again' list. Job well done!"

− Roy Marshall Deaton (California, United States)

"Communicates very well and gets projects done on time. Thanks!"

− Janelle Klander (Greater Minneapolis, United States)

"Very happy with Victor will be doing ongoing work for me."

− Rasmus Nielsen (Perth, Australia)

"Victor was very good! His communication, friendliness, skills was just GREAT! When we have another job available we will hire again."

− Jason Paquette (Seattle, United States)

"Great results and skills. Delivered what I required."

− Daniel Morel (Greater Los Angeles, United States)

"Was a fantastic Odesker. Was able to work through a lot of tricky issues with my site. Will hire again if i get the chance."

− Nanthees Paskar (Sydney, Australia)

"Victor is very professional. Good skills! Great communication."

− Ross Jones (Orlando, Florida Area, United States)

"A very skilled WordPress master. Somebody you really want to work with!"

− Alan Smith (Huningue, France)

"Victor is great! great communications skills as well! thank you buddy!"

− David Nguyen (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

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