Victor Fernandes

Slow websites SUX, nah?

I am a 24 year old Digital Designer and Web Developer based in Mumbai, India. I wake up each day looking forward to doing something I have never done before and always love learning something new. I pay very close attention to request counts and site load times; I’m sure even the slow and steady turtle hates slow sites. I have been fortunate to come across and work with many great designers and developers like Arto Steiner and Daniel Morel in the past and learn so much from them.

Over the past 8 years I have been helping clients with a wide variety of requests ranging from developing their websites, integrating API services or helping with on page SEO and performance to name a few. Although I have worked with almost every major open source CMS out there, I have been focusing on WordPress for a very long time. I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say most of the time. The community at WordPress is Awesome! They immediately take care of security issues and every iteration is worth waiting for. Oh and I am repelled by the use of flash on websites and think responsive is the new standard.

If you are looking to build your web presence or have your site and servers outsourced to a reliable contractor or an employer looking to hire, please get in touch with me here.



With a 5 star job satisfaction rate of over 91% (As of Sept. 2015)


I possess a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering awarded by the University of Mumbai.


Linux and Unix fan, a bit repelled  by the use of Windows. Although my family still finds Windows the easiest to use.


To leave a legacy in efficient and beautiful design and code. Striking the right balance between usability and functionality is crucial.


I develop WordPress based sites and I make sure they run as fast as possible. I am also interested in interface designing any web based app.