Have you ever been working in your cubicle or at home, engrossed into what you are doing and carefully planning all details into your head. You almost have that problem solved or almost figured the bug that was causing problems with memory allocation and someone walks into the cubicle and starts speaking about how great last night’s match was.. Well I was that person and am guilty of it. I never realised how much it impacted productivity until I myself faced it.

Being a web developer I often collaborate with creative marketing agencies and build products with/for them. I must say I am always impressed with the ways they are capable of multitasking. Handling multiple accounts simultaneously, summing everything up under 140 characters, WOW! I wish I could do that, but the fact is I suck at multitasking, I am often so engrossed in what I do, I wouldn’t know you were there even if you were staring at me and talking. This does upset a lot of people around me and I sincerely apologize for those times but that’s just the way I am.

The TL;DR version of this can be summed up beautifully by this Don’t hit save comic: http://www.donthitsave.com/comic/2016/03/25/code-mode


I hope this article does not prove to be rude but rather a justification at why I suck when it comes to answering phone calls or Skype while working. Emails work best and I always answer scheduled phone calls. Cheers!

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